Claude de Marteau Collection

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The Collection

The Claude de Marteau Collection is a unique assortment of more than five hundred remarkable artifacts from India, Nepal, Tibet, and Central Asia covering a period of fifteen hundred years.

Since their creations, the works of art have witnessed the numerous changes that occur in constantly evolving cultures.

Collectors, like Claude de Marteau, play the role of caretakers for those few remains of the past that have reached us.

Claude, the man

Claude de Marteau (1935 – 2016) was a self-taught, world-famous art collector who acquired rare expertise in the field by traveling the world. He lived in several countries but always had a keen interest in the Asian continent that he discovered during his first solo journey around the world at only nineteen years old. Over decades, he gathered an impressive art collection that he passed on to a relative, Olivier.

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The Claude de Marteau collection is a unique assemblage of art gathered over decades by a pioneer with a discerning eye who paid great attention to details. Although, until recently his name remained relatively anonymous, Claude’s influence on the field of Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art is indisputable. The past exhibitions in Brussels, Hong Kong, Paris, and New York displayed some of his greatest treasures.

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NFT Works

The Claude de Marteau Collection will soon be available for sale in NFT format.

Art enthusiasts will be able to own and enjoy unique pieces digitally.

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The Book

The Claude de Marteau Collection is assembled in a reference book that presents the treasures of the Collection with exclusive descriptions and analyses as well as the collector’s biography and testimonies from those who knew him closely.

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Art Sales

Several times a year, outstanding elements of the Claude de Marteau Collection are put up for sale via Bonham’s auction house.

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