The Pacific Crossing

After the heat and humidity of Japan in the warm season, Vancouver seemed freezing when he first set foot on the American continent on August 1st, 1955.

The landscape was different from what he experienced during the past months in Asia, but pleasant too. Snowy mountain peaks, pine trees, and the ocean made up the scenery.

Meeting his relative in Chicago had always been the goal of his journey.

He covered the remaining 3,500 kilometers at record speed, taking buses, cars, or just walking. However, only after a couple of weeks in Chicago, his restlessness was as strong as ever. On September 25th, 1955, he set sail for Cleveland. He continued his journey until he reached New York where he spent a few weeks discovering the city. It was only a delay to the inevitable; the time had come to come back home. On October 22nd, 1955, after more than a year of travel, he was back in Europe.